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Hi, I'm Berto. I write for a living.

I'm also an editor, digital publishing pro, social media manager, content producer, project manager and team leader. If you need to put words on the internet, I'm your guy.

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The Boston Globe

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Skills and services

I'm a Boston-based writer and editor with 18 years of experience telling people's stories. Most of that time has been dedicated to digital publishing, though I've worked in multiple mediums and formats along the way. I've also dedicated much of my career to training and mentoring young journalists. 

  • News and feature writing

  • Copy writing

  • Scriptwriting

  • Copy editing

  • Content/line editing

  • Digital newsletters

  • Project management

  • User engagement

  • Social media management

  • Staff training

  • Web publishing

  • Tutoring



Roberto is an excellent writer, editor, researcher, manager, and all around fantastic person. Roberto brought our team of editors together to get us collaborating more and working as a true team to create, deliver, schedule and optimize content to the Boston and greater Boston area. In addition to his serious editorial and managerial chops, Roberto was a thoughtful leader who always had an ear to listen and a wise word to guide you. He always made you feel like you were working together on the same team, and he would go to bat for you in a heartbeat. Add to that being an all-around great person, too, and I would gladly work for or with Roberto again in the future!
— Sara Jacobi, Content Marketing Manager at Burton Snowboards
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Roberto for three companies — Community Newspaper Company, HCPro and Patch.
I hired Roberto when he was a young reporter and I was editor of The Arlington Advocate and proudly watched him develop into a strong journalist.
Roberto’s easy going nature makes him a great leader of people.
He played a vital role in covering the Boston Marathon bombings. Roberto’s team of editors provided much of the coverage with Roberto leading them along the way.
Roberto is a great idea man. He is excellent at staying on top of the latest technology and integrating it into his news coverage ideas.
Roberto is one of my most favorite colleagues through the years and would make a fine employee for any organization.
— Les Masterson, writer and editor
Roberto is a great asset to the editorial team. He is an excellent writer, a quick learner, very tech-savvy, and highly tuned in to the marketplace in general and customer needs in particular. He focuses on the big picture as well as the details, and always has something valuable to add to a project. He took a lead role in a complex new project and got the whole thing running smoothly. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Marni Centor, Director of Digital Services at Pinebank Consulting
Roberto is a highly-skilled editor, specifically in the area of multimedia and data-related stories. He’s conceived of and written strong, compelling evergreen stories that engage readers in full. Adding to that, Roberto has great leadership skills and knows how to run a high-spirited, fun and hard-working team. He was always a great mentor to me when it came to editorial ideas and management best practices.
— Matt Perkins, Communications Manager, Iron Mountain


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